Have You Got What It Takes

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Have You Got What It Takes?

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While working at Fighting Fit, we have learned a lot about people and the many traps that they fall into while trying to achieve their goals. 

As we all know, self discipline doesn't come naturally to all of us and many of us do struggle with even the smallest sacrifices. Our job is to give people the information they need in order for them to turn that knowledge into power and implement it into their lifestyle. Setting our clients up to empower themselves is one of the key values that we pride ourselves on here at Fighting Fit, Dundalk. 

It's also our job to give advice on how to tweak and manage our members' habits, both good and bad. We at Fighting Fit  have had some amazing success stories some losing as much body fat as 40+ pounds.

So… What does it take?

Well this depends on you. I have split people into two categories,  

The first is “The Bakers”. “The Bakers” stick to recipe religiously, they come in, we set their goals and we give them a recipe for success, and badabing badaboom! 12 weeks later they have lost the desired amount of body fat and have gained several pounds of muscle while learning new skills and building great habits! These people tend to find it easy to achieve their goals in a setting where it's formula based results. 

The next category is "The Chefs."

"The Chefs" can find it a little bit more challenging to find the right balance of fun and function. They want to get where they want to be while still keeping a lot of their old lifestyle the same. This can be part of the problem if resistance is high, but with the right changes in the right places can be a very beneficial. They have their own flare on the recipe and feel some ownership of the plan and can adapt it and modify it to what both suits them and their goals.

Success is whatever it means to you. Not everybody wants to run a marathon, and that's okay! All it takes is setting a goal and being willing to take appropriate actions towards them while making some sacrifices along the way. Some big sacrifices, some small  ones and that is what we, here at Fighting Fit are all about.

Being healthy isn't just a phase.

Being active isn't just a gym programme, nutrition isn't just a fad. These are life skills that will help you lead a happy, healthy and positive life!