How Cold Showers Make You A Better Person

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How Cold Showers Make You A Better Person

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People tend to shudder at the thought of a cold shower, but the benefits far out shine the moments of discomfort! Do you want to work on your willpower, maximise motivation, increase confidence, resilience and prime yourself for a productive day?

Cold showers do all of the above and much more.

Steel sharpens steel and cold showers sharpen people. Being in a state of discomfort stimulates personal growth. Set yourself a challenge the next time you shower, before you leave and step out onto the wet floor bracing yourself for cold tiles and a cool breeze flip the switch and embrace the freeze on your own terms.

How tough can you be and for how long?

Everyone likes to think they are resilient so now you can test it.

You will experience an initial shock and gasp for air.

Your breath will stutter so reign it in and breath deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Count your breaths.

The goal is to make each one slower, deeper and longer than the previous breath.

During this challenge watch your thoughts listen to all the excuses you give yourself to try and end the experience, then with all the defiant aggression you can muster tell your inner monolog to shut up.

Replace those excuses with, “ I got this, I can do it, I can be uncomfortable, I am strong”.

Doing this will reduce stress, increase alertness, boost testosterone, stimulate fat loss and build on your will power.

Once you decide to step out after 3 or 5 minutes of motivation magnification you will notice that the experience of exiting the shower will be a much warmer and comforting endeavor as you radiate heat and embrace a mental state with high levels of motivation.

You will be driven with a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine what you could accomplish starting every day in this state.