Getting It Done Is Better Than Perfection

Getting It Done Is Better Than Perfection

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Getting It Done Is Better Than Perfection

I'm sure you have all heard of the excuse or maybe even have made it yourself that you can’t do something yet because your schedule isn't perfect. You have an idea in your head of what way you'd like to do it, and right now that just isn't possible. So you will just start next week, next month, next year? No!

Getting It Done Is Better Than Perfection.

Lots of people in Dundalk are in the exact same place, hoping to start a gym membership or begin training with a personal trainer but haven't got all the ducks in a row just yet, or maybe you've lost your ducks! 

You are putting off something which is always going to be inconvenient or take a lot of preparation.

A good idea would be to take small steps towards your goal. Even if its not perfect or exactly as you've planned. This will take some of the pressure off you as you realise that the stars don't have to align in order for you to hit your goals or make it to your workout.

Preparation is key to success but so is starting.

We are all only human and we all learn as we go. You will make mistakes and your motivation may decline over time, but mistakes are how we learn. There is a very small percentage of people who get it right first time.

So just get it done.

If you're trying to start working out but haven't designed the perfect programme, design a programme, any programme, and do it rather than doing nothing and improve upon it as you go.

If you're trying to start to take control of your diet but can't cook to the level you would like, haven't sourced access to all the ingredients you would like in Dundalk yet or just arent ready to give up your favourite foods make a small step towards it and baby step your way there.

Remember small changes over a long time make a big difference.

If you want to make a lasting difference change a little something everyday!