It's Important To Lose Fat Not Weight

It's Important To Lose Fat Not Weight

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Many people these days are trying to get in shape and lose weight, in fact Dundalk is flooded with weight loss groups. 

Most people still obsessed with ‘weight loss’ when what they really want is ‘fat loss’.

Weight loss can be achieved through calorie restriction, dehydration and starvation.

Fat loss is achieved with a balanced diet, an energy deficit and enough nutrients to fuel your day to day activities.

It is very important that you are focused on the right method of measurement when trying to get healthy.

If you put your faith in the scales then your progress information may be skewed, this is due to the fact that the scale can tell you what your weight is at any given moment but not what the composition of that weight is.

A good thing to do is to step on the scales, get your measurement, get off, drink a pint of water and then step back onto the scales. This exercise will show you how simple variants like hydration status can affect your weight. Other methods can be used to track your progress such as electronic weighing scales with a body fat reader, Skinfold callipers, measuring tape and before and after pictures will take your focus away from the commonly called “Sad Step” or weighing scales and together can paint a clearer picture of your health and fitness journey.

As we say at Fighting Fit “Enjoy the process and the results will come.” So in future when your making steps towards a healthy, active lifestyle think fat loss not weight loss.