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Hangover Cures That Really Work

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Paddy's Day in Dundalk will be celebrated as hard as any other town in Ireland over the next 72 hours. Let's be honest, it's Paddy's weekend really! 

Busting your ass in the gym and in the kitchen for weeks, months or even years to get to this point does not have to go down the pan over the next few days. 

#ProTip: Enjoy yourself, scale back the calories while still hitting your protein over the week ahead to make up for the binge this weekend. 

Once the damage is done, how do we survive though? 

Hangover Cures That Actually Work

1. Drink Pale Drinks. Congeners are a chemical by-product that make hangovers worse. Some studies show that they slow down the metabolism and actually prolong the hellish period that comes after a few sociables. Gin, Vodka and Rum contain the least amount of congeners with tequila, whiskey and cognac being the drinks with the highest content of congeners. Use your head, drinking 10 vodkas will not ensure you wake up feeling fresh on Sunday morning.  

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2. Choose fruit juices instead of soft drink mixers. It's a common misconception that hangovers are purely caused by dehydration. In fact, the additional micronutrients from fruit juices helps you metabolize the nasty by-products from consuming too much alcohol. 

3. Take Multivitamins BEFORE going out. Your body will be lacking essential micronutrients which may be partially replenished by switching to a fruit juice but still, always better to stack the odds in your favour! 

4. Take an Ibuprofen before bed, maybe pop another multivit! Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory which will attacks the excess inflammation that excess alcohol intake causes. This, my friends, is what we call a hang over! 

5. Booze Prep is water prep. Fill a pint of water before you leave the house. Put it on your bedside locker. It doesn't matter how wobbly on the feet you are when you return, down the final pint of the night. If you can manage it, refill to combat desert mouth in the morning! 

6. Sleep It Off. Having a wee tipple can certainly promote a deeper sleep if it's on the rarity. However, regular boozing or a large quantity of alcohol can disrupt your sleep. This won't make your hangover any worse, it will add fatigue to a long list of general feeling like crap. Try to get an extra couple of hours sleep in if at all possible. 

7. Eat All The Food. A good breakfast after a binge is probably what your body is already craving. A low blood sugar usually isn't the cause of a bad hangover but if you have a hangover, you probably also have low blood sugars. Low blood sugar symptoms are usually the same symptoms as a hangover so essentially, eating a good breakfast could half your hangover symptoms! 

Ideally, avoiding excess alcohol consumption is the best way to avoid a hangover from hell but sure look, it's Paddys weekend! Enjoy!