5 Reasons You're Not Getting The Results You Want At The Gym | Fighting Fit Personal Training & Bootcamp Gym

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Gyms all over Dundalk are selling memberships at an astonishing rate since fitness became the next big thing. We're not complaining! This latest trend of taking care of your mind and body means that the coaches at Fighting Fit, Dundalk get to continue doing what we love; helping people become the best version of themselves! Over our last 2 years in business in Blackthorn Business Park we've seen the same 5 common issues our members are coming to us with from other gyms and we want to let you know the most common 5 reasons you're not getting the results you want at the gym!

1. Diet. You are wasting your time, money and energy if you're busting your ass at the gym for hours on end and walking out the door without addressing your diet. You cannot outwork a bad diet. Fuelling your body with the correct nutrients to aid your recovery and nourish your body is essential. ProTip, Pints and a cheeky Chinese Takeaway isn't how you're going to see the results you want. Feel free to download our free 42 fat burning recipes. 

2. Working Too Hard. You're sweating it out for up to an hour, sometimes more, at a gym a day. You're using every machine known to man, sweating buckets everyday and still, you've barely seen the scales go down and you're not gaining any lean muscle? You're not alone. Working too hard with ineffective intensity is incredibly common. Here at Fighting Fit, we use scientifically backed heart monitor training to ensure you only need to work out for 30 mins a day with results guaranteed*. HIIT training is the most effective fat burning training available and is the go to workout here at Fighting Fit. 

3. Accountability. How hard do you work when nobody's watching? Probably not as hard as you could! Small Groups Personal Training means that each session is facilitated by one of our highly qualified and committed coaches. Whether you need a little bit of motivation, affirmation or form correction, your coaches are on hand to assist you through each and every workout you do at Fighting Fit. We hold our clients to an extremely high level of accountability, those who follow through on their commitment will see their results in the mirror. No exceptions. 

4. Community. Well if we're being honest, it's a family but we're not wanting to scare anyone off! Does your gym provide you with an uplifting, motivational and inspiring community? If not, you're missing out. Our members continue to tell us that after smashing their personal goals, the friendships they make at Fighting Fit is what helps them continue in their new lifestyle of health and wellness. You'll always find fun runs, community events, obstacle courses and more on our boards of "upcoming events". 

5. Coaches. How much do the people who take your money want you to succeed? How invested are they in your success? At Fighting Fit, we pride ourselves on being available to our membership. There's always someone on hand in the gym or on our private membership group to answer questions, give advice and have a chat with. The road to success is rarely straight. We understand that life happens and people get sidetracked. We are here to help keep you on track! Our coaches will learn what motivates you, why you want to achieve your goals and how to help you get there. They'll share their wealth of ever-evolving knowledge and education with you and empower you to take control of your health, your body and your wellness once and for all. Our Fighting Fit Fam has room for you!