The difference between a PT Studio and a Gym

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The difference between a PT Studio and a Gym | Fighting Fit |

Personal Training Studio Dundalk

At Fighting Fit we provide all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

That's why we stay away from the conventional methods of a gym. Charging for the use of a room and equipment and letting people "Have A Go At It" is what you'll find at most Gyms in Dundalk. While there's definitely a client who feels comfortable with that set up, we know that for the majority of people who've never set foot in a gym, walking into a room full of equipment with no guidance is simply terrifying, and so, they don't do it. 

We understand that life can be busy, and that time is your most valuable resource. 

What we've learned is that our clients want a solution that fits into their busy schedule, gives direction through coach-led workouts and ensures they never waste a workout! 

Our unique HIIT and Lift workouts last only 30 minutes. We utilise the latest technology in our Heart Rate Training workouts to measure each client's workout ensuring everyone is working at an appropriate intensity for their body.

Our coaches are present and active during the session to motivate and push our clients passed their comfort level in a safe and controlled environment. Our trainers supervise and coach clients through every session in a small group setting, correcting technique as well as instructing clients to use appropriate weights in order to achieve their goals.

We strive to educate and develop our clients both physically and mentally in order to equip them with the necessary skills required to hit their goals.

Our clients have often experienced chasing their tails for weeks on end in a gym setting, not knowing where they are going wrong and having no idea how to fix it.

Our coaches are 100% committed and passionate about making lasting change in our clients lives.

Our coaches are an encouraging presence who are available in coaching and advising our clients through any issues they may have.

Our approach gives our coaches and clients an opportunity to get to know each other and spend the much needed 1 to 1 time needed in order for our coaches to learn what it is that motivates each individual. We learn what their hopes and desires are for the end of our 12 week programme. 

Fighting Fit is a community that lives a happy, healthy lifestyle with passion and positivity.

We encourage each other to set extraordinary goals and motivate each other to achieve them.