At Fighting Fit our goal is to deliver all the benefits of Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost. We make high-quality coaching more affordable to busy people who want to live healthier lifestyles and get better results!!

Fighting Fit was founded by Stephen Mulligan in 2014. Stephen had struggled with his weight all his life and had tried out most of the gyms in his area, but to no avail. While these places all offered fantastic facilities, he never reaped any real and sustainable results from them. It was only when he returned to his boxing club and received hands-on coaching and had someone to stay accountable to - that he lost over 50 lbs and completely transformed his life. 

This forms the core of what Fighting Fit is all about. We know that the traditional gym business model only really works for a small percentage of the population. We know that in order to achieve real results, most people need clear goals, guidance and someone to stay accountable to. 

We take a holistic approach to health and fitness. Our vision is to deliver a genuinely transformative program that includes the education, coaching and accountability needed to achieve life-changing results with the support of a like-minded community. 

We believe in extending our reach beyond the gym floor. Our community has raised over €50,000 for clubs and charities through different events and fundraisers since 2014. 

Through watching hundreds of clients achieve success with our program over the years, we know that when you commit to really looking after yourself, you become mentally, physically and emotionally ready for any challenge that life throws your way! These transformations mean so much more than just a before and after picture. They represent a journey to more fulfillment, more resilience and more life. 

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