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Personal training Studio


What is fighting fit

Do You Want To Get Motivated And Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

If you’re constantly struggling to achieve your goals due to a lack of motivation and consistency our team of personal trainers and nutritionist are here to support you!

To date we have helped hundreds of local people lose literally thousands of pounds! We started in 2014 after head coach Stephen lost over 50 pounds and became extremely motivated to help other people shed the weight holding them back!

Since then we've 10X’d our membership and grown our team to five Trainers and a Nutritionist to bring our clients the best possible Personal Training experience

Our program is designed to get you stronger, fitter and healthier while still giving you the flexibility to live

We won’t starve you! Instead, we will teach you how to make educated decisions so you are empowered to live a healthy lifestyle for the long term

We understand that your time is your most valuable asset and we want to help you make every second count with our super effective 30 minute workouts

To work with a good Personal Trainer it will cost you on average €30 - €70 per session (OR €150+ per week) our Small Group Training System means you can work with a Personal Trainer 5 times per week for just €49! Plus we are much more flexible (Less than €10 per workout)


We are also very proud to offer a Results Guaranteed

Or Your Money Back Policy so you have nothing to lose!

To get started ASAP book your consultation below!

Need a Challenge?

We only take on a maximum of 10 new clients per month

so spaces are extremely limited!

If you have any questions just send us a message or email